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Our Mission 

Literacy Academy Collective designs and supports NYC Public Schools to bring evidence-based literacy instruction into the classroom.


We partner with schools, families, community-based organizations, and institutes of higher education to bring culturally relevant, structured literacy to the most marginalized students at the intersection of race, income, and disability. Our aim is to alter life outcomes by allowing children to access learning through literacy.

How We Achieve Our Mission

  • School Creation and Support: Support the launch, development, and sustainability of a network of K-8 Literacy Academies across NYC.

  • Professional Development: Work with DOE and other NYC systems to bring evidence-based, culturally responsive structured literacy instruction into existing public schools.

  • Partnerships: Develop and support partnerships that bring expertise and resources to the Literacy Academies and beyond, including our partnership with Windward Institute and CUNY Schools of Education.

  • Policy and Advocacy:  Build awareness among families, community members, and decision-makers around policies that can impact the larger educational system.


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