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South Bronx Literacy Academy

Embracing Differences. Unleashing Potential.

A School for Students with Dyslexia, Language-Based Learning Disabilities, and

Reading and Writing Challenges

About Us

Crack the Code- Made with PosterMyWall.png

Coming...Fall 2023!*

Literacy Academy Collective (LAC) is working with the DOE on a concept for a new K-8 public school, South Bronx Literacy Academy (SBLA). SBLA will be specifically designed to support children with language-based learning disabilities, dyslexia & reading struggles, and the co-occurring conditions such as ADHD, anxiety, and depression that often go alongside.

We will open in fall 2023* in District 7, in the South Bronx starting with two 2nd and two 3rd-grade sections.


SBLA will unlock the potential of students struggling to read by bringing culturally relevant, structured literacy to the classroom through evidence-based, direct, explicit instruction.

* SBLA will open in Fall 2023 pending approval

by the Panel for Education Policy

Crack the Code- Made with PosterMyWall.png
Crack the Code- Made with PosterMyWall.png

Unleash Your

Child's Potential!


We view reading and literacy as a Civil Right

and understand the revolutionary

transformation that occurs when a child

who struggles fnds success.

We believe in the promise of young people

with language-based learning disabilities

and reading challenges to thrive if given an

opportunity to crack the literacy code.


We believe: If given the ability to read and write, students will be empowered to crack the code, overcome seemingly insurmountable barriers to break free from the stigma of illiteracy, and go on to discover themselves as passionate, joyful, lifelong learners.  

Alex, Student

East Harlem, NY

"I used to guess. I used to ask my brother or my sister, but I don’t do that anymore. When I come against a tricky suffix, I say my root word, then I look at my suffix.”

Samantha, Student

The Bronx, NY

"I like that it helped me improve my I use my strategies!”

Erika, Teacher, Pilot Program, East Harlem, NY

“ I can honestly say...I saw immediate results from working with the students.  I hope that if the opportunity comes, I can get further training so that I can continue to implement the program with fidelity with the students at our school.  
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