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Reading Trouble?

Is your child struggling with reading? In this forum, seven NYC specialists share their expertise and recommendations about how students with dyslexia can get the school support they need

Why is Change Needed?

For decades, schools have taught children strategies for struggling readers using a theory about reading that scientists have repeatedly debunked. Many teachers and parents don't know there's anything wrong with it.


Listen to Emily Handford APM Reports Podcast: 

At a Loss for Words

How a flawed idea is teaching millions of kids to be poor readers

Where Can I Get Help?

This NYC resource guide includes help identifying dyslexia and related conditions, free & low-cost evaluators, education advocates, lawyers and more 

Where Should I Start?

Check out the Core Science of Reading Resource Library


Develop your knowledge of the science of reading and how to teach all students to be strong readers.


* Don't miss the Kareem Weaver webinar on Reading Science Denial and Racism’s Impact on African-American Children 

Why Structured Literacy? 

These slides give the background on language-based learning disabilities and why Structured Literacy is so important.

How Can I Get Training?

The Windward Institute offers professional development classes, podcasts, webinars, scholarly articles, and more. 

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