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We Are Hiring!

LAC is building an instructional team to support a growing body of work, both at our flagship school in the South Bronx (SBLA) and across the city.

We are looking for a diverse group of educators who have classroom experience with structured literacy to fill these roles


Do you have Structured literacy training or an OG background? A growth mindset and want to learn? A desire to learn to teach 2-4th graders who are struggling to read using structured literacy? We have full-time teaching positions open for our Model Classroom program in  Central Brooklyn in District 17 and limited openings in the South Bronx (PS 642) for 2024-25 academic year. 

Student Teachers

SBLA is looking to host 2-4 student teachers. Placements can be part or full day for up to 20 weeks. We will work with schools of education to ensure that placement & supervisory requirements are met.


We are building a team of experienced literacy coaches who can support teachers at SBLA on a regular basis 1-2x/week in the morning; or teachers in LAC’s afterschool program in District I (Lower East Side) three afternoons/week. Coaches must have previous coaching experience, and experience with structured literacy/SoR. LAC will provide training in the specific curriculum used.

Instructional Leaders

We are hiring two full-time instructional leads. One to provide continued instructional support at our Bronx school and another to oversee a model classroom as we expand to Brooklyn. Instructional leads should be experienced administrators and/or teacher developers with a background in structured literacy, curriculum planning and coaching and should have experience working with students with language-based learning disabilities and other struggling readers.





Know someone who might interested? Get in touch to learn more.

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